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Patrik Jandák (second from the left), photographer of the President of the Slovak Republic before the departure to Canada. Ing. Magdaléna Čerňanská, former Main Officer of the Canadian Officer in Bratislava (first from the left) has also intended the meeting.
Lucia Oskerova - successful model and actress. Works for Vogue, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Dior, Chanel and others. She played a part of the series, e.g. Smallville, Battlestar Galactica, The Guard, Painkiller Jane, and Very Bad Men.
Jussy Grznar - outstanding photographer. Takes pictures mostly of snowboarders and surfers. Became one of the top five photographers in international competition Red Bull. Takes pictures also for Mitsubishi Motors, Adidas, Red Bull, Whistler Blackcomb, Sandbox and others.
Zuzana Zelinová editor and script editor of TV Markíza (broadcast: Lampáreň, Paľba, V Tieni a iné). One of the first members of TV Markíza.
Katarína Homolová editor of TV Markíza became a script editor and producer in television Slovenský svet.
Marcel Kobielsky brother of the famous Slovak actor Vladimír Kobielsky. (Panelák, Búrlivé víno)
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Our company has also successfully immigrated these clients:


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Other famous clients:

Eva Filcová - daughter of the famous hockey coach Ján Filc
Miroslav Svetík - senior doctor from the Roosevelt Hospital in Banská Bystrica
Rastislav Kresánek - brother of former mayor of Bratislava
Eva Kotusová - editor of the magazine EMMA
Roman Macoszek - extra league hockey player (Zvolen)
Alica Varečková - director of the world-famous detective agency Pinkerton
Viliam Mečár - fitness coach of the national football team of Kuwait

These clients have also taken advantage of our services:

Jozef Brheľ - businessman and former Member of Parliament for party HZDS
Július Šupler - former Slovak national ice hockey team head coach
Henrich Krejča - head of the TV reporting at TV Markíza
Marcel Matanin - former Slovak representative in running, marathon champion in Leipzig (2006 and 2007)
Vladimír Lupták - General Director of the Railway Company Cargo Slovakia a.s.
Ivo Hlaváček - Slovak Ambassador to Israel and Cuba