Advantages of Immigration

  • free movement throughout the territory of Canada, regardless of what province I originally applied for
  • unlimited opportunity to work in your field, outside the department, study or do business in any sphere
  • children have free education at state or church primary and secondary school
  • in some provinces after one year of staying gaining 15,000 to 18,000 US dollars as a non-repayable loan to retrain, respectively/or to complement their education
  • the opportunity to claim a student loan in case of studying at a college
  • the right to be insured in the public health insurance company and be eligible for free health care
  • entitled to receive family allowances at the sum of 240-280 dollars per month for each child under the age of 18 years
  • entitled to attend special language courses (during the day, evening and weekend) in the extent of more than 1,000 hours, worth $ 5,500
  • after three years of residence an option to obtain Canadian citizenship, and it is possible to retain the original Slovak one as well, meaning, the possibility of dual citizenship
  • after the first year of residence the opportunity to sponsor their immediate family, meaning, the possibility of obtaining for them a permanent residence in Canada
  • automatically obtaining Canadian citizenship for every child born in Canada
  • free childbirth in the Canadian hospital
  • 3-year duty-free export of assets to Canada