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Successful Slovaks in Canada

A unique book about ordinary Slovaks who achieved his success in Canada.

Authors of the book are President of Canadian Chamber of Commerce Joseph M. Burza and first Slovak Ambasador in Canada Anton Hykisch. The book Successful Slovaks in Canada is officially supported by the company Air Canada, with foreword by the principal representative of Canada, Governor General of Canada Michaëlle Jean. 

The book Successful Slovaks in Canada is a unique because most of presented people are alive and is possible to contact them and thus inspire the younger generation in Slovakia.

In the book Successful Slovaks in Canada are presented profile of for example:

Štefan Roman - Chairman of Slovak World Congress and owner of the world biggest uranium mine, Ladislav Guderna - known surrealist painter, Jozef Straus -the best paid manager in the 2001, Ivan Reitman - director of famous films Ghostbasters, Twins, Kindergarten Cop, Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot; Ice hockey players Peter Šťastný - member of Hockey Hall of Fame and Marián Šťastný - who own in Quebec City luxury hotel and 18 holes golf course, photographer Yuri Dojč -winner of international competition of Kodak, Ľudovít Zanzotto - an internationally recognized expert on bituminous materials, Diany Krall - jazz singer, twice winner of the EMMY, Tomáš Schramek - ballet soloist, who for many years alternated with the famous Rudolf Nureyev, and with Michail Barysnikov too, Andrea Kolpaska -jewelery designer, supplier of state donations for the General Governor of Canada, Elena Gregušová - world-known fashion designer whio created from  recyclable material and who officially supports Financial Times and MasterCard, atd.



How to become a Canadian

The first book about the possibilities how to legally assert yourself in Canada and become a Canadian citizen.
The book is intended for all those who desire to learn anything about the practical life in Canada. Those who are interested in going to Canada just as a tourist will find lot of useful information in this book also those who want to go there to study, but especially those who plan to live permanently in Canada. The book extends to almost every part of the life in Canada. From its history through the symbols, practical advice, many pictures of identification cards and documents, food prices, cars, average salaries in selected professions. A special feature of this book is to present Slovak community in Canada. They are Slovaks, who became famous in Canada, Slovak churches and priests working in Canada and successful entrepreneurs.


The coauthors of the book except Joseph Burza a René Augustín are,
Anton Hykisch - the first Ambassador of the Independent Slovak Republic in Ottawa,
Charles Olivieri Munroe - Canada's world-renowned conductor,
Peter Šťastný - hockey magician,
Tomáš Baťa - the world famous shoe manufacturer,
Otto J. Jelínek - Former Sports Minister and later Minister of Finance of Canada,
Ján Sokol - Archbishop of Bratislava-Trnava archdiocese,
Ľudmila Šišková - authorized physician of the Canadian Embassy,
Branislav Roman - nephew of the founder of the World Congress of Slovaks,
Zdenko Hodas - inspector of the State Veterinary Service.

Sample of the pages from the book can be downloaded here. (format .pdf, file size 2.7 MB)


I want to live in Canada

Free continuation of successful book How to become a Canadian

The book contains updated data and from the previous publication adds further useful advice for persons entering the territory of Canada.

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