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Live-in Caregiver

Canada offers special program Live-in Caregiver for the applicants in the field of care giving work. Care giving of small children, disabled people and the elderly.

The caregiver had to live in the same house as the receiver of the care giving until the November 2014. Therefore, this programme was called "Live-in". After this date, the caregiver can but does not have to live together with the receiver of the care giving. The advantage of this program is that after two years of work, the caregiver obtains the possibility of applying for the permanent residence in Canada. Caregiver must pass language test and must have complete at least one year postsecondary degree. He/she will receive unlimited permission to live and work in Canada. Meaning, that you can work as a caregiver or do anything else.

Conditions that a caregiver needs to fulfil:

  • arranged family, where he/she is going to work
  • clear criminal records
  • paid experience in baby-sitting at least 12 months which he/she received in the last 3 three years (for one of the employers he/she had to work for at least 6 months), or other corresponding education (course), which lasted at least 6 months
  • finished high school education
  • good knowledge of English or French language (for example: ability to call for help)