Services Provided Before Departure


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Services Provided Before Departure

  • proof of funds and its transfer to Canada;
  • aerial and marine transfer of the belongings and animals;
  • in the cooperation with the world's biggest insurance company AIG (American International Group Inc.) providing extremely favorable prices when insurancing the individuals and families during the first three months after arrival in Canada directly at the headquaters of our company;
  • affordable prices of one-way (round-trip) flight tickets to the chosen destination in Canada;
  • finding the potential employers in Canada;
  • provision of the accommodation via superintendent, eventually providing the guarantees;
  • through our representatives (in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Montreal) we provide e-mail consultations to the clients before the departure to Canada, or the consultation with a person living in Canada and having the same profession as the applicant;
  • in some professions (e.g. doctor, teacher) method of obtaining licence;
  • consultancy in the preparation of resumé and cover letter according to Canadian's standards;
  • assistance in choosing the location and type of accomodation (apartment, house, condominium, B&B rooms, etc.);
  • providing exclusive prices of shipments to Canada and the U.S. in the cooperation with the FedEx- American global courier delivery services company.